Master Bathroom Remodel in Fleetwood, PA

Dec 14, 2020 | 0 comments

Elevating Comfort and Elegance in Every Detail

In Fleetwood, PA, Eagle Construction has skillfully renovated a master bathroom, turning it into a haven of luxury and relaxation. This project involved meticulous planning and execution, focusing on modernizing the space while infusing it with a sense of serene sophistication.

Journey to a Lavish Bathroom Makeover

Our comprehensive approach to this master bathroom renovation involved:

  • Permit Acquisition and Compliance: Securing all necessary permits and ensuring adherence to local building codes and regulations.
  • Strategic Demolition: Safely demolishing the existing shower, vanity, tub, tile, and toilet to make way for the new design.
  • Efficient Debris Disposal: Responsibly removing and disposing of all construction and demolition debris.
  • Plumbing Upgrades: Reworking plumbing for a new shower and a free-standing soaking tub, ensuring functionality and elegance.
  • Luxury Tub Installation: Fitting a sophisticated soaking tub with a stylish faucet, as per the provided design.
  • Shower and Vanity Setup: Installing a new shower faucet, a 6-foot vanity with countertop, and dual faucets for a modern touch.
  • Toilet Replacement: Updating the bathroom with a new Kohler Highline white toilet.
  • Tiled Floor and Shower: Laying new tile flooring with Schluter underlayment and constructing a 4′ x 6′ tile shower with convenient features.
  • Drywall and Painting: Repairing drywall as necessary and applying fresh paint to all walls, ceiling, trim, window, and doors.
  • Baseboard and Wainscoting: Adding new baseboard trim and elegant tile wainscoting to the main bathroom walls.
  • Lighting Enhancements: Installing three wall sconce lights for ambient illumination.
  • Toilet Room Relocation: Moving and enclosing the toilet in a new water closet area for added privacy and functionality.
  • Heated Flooring System: Implementing a Schluter Ditra heated floor system with a touch screen programmable thermostat for ultimate comfort.
  • Glass Shower Door: Providing a high-quality glass shower door by B & G Glass for a sleek, open feel.
  • Mirrors and Finishing Touches: Installing two mirrors and finalizing all necessary adjustments to complete the project.

Eagle Construction: Where Dreams and Design Align

This master bathroom renovation in Fleetwood, PA, exemplifies Eagle Construction’s commitment to creating spaces that not only meet the functional needs of homeowners but also exude elegance and tranquility. Every element, from the heated floors to the spacious shower, was carefully selected to transform the bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Begin Your Bathroom Oasis Journey

If you’re envisioning a bathroom remodel that combines luxury with functionality, Eagle Construction is your trusted partner. Our expertise in bathroom renovations ensures your new space will be a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Contact Eagle Construction for your next renovation project, and let’s craft a bathroom that becomes your personal sanctuary.

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