Trends are always changing and evolving, so it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. When it comes to homes however, trends often reflect the changing wants and needs of homeowners, which can be influenced by technology, generational preferences, and of course, the unknown forces behind many trends, both home-related and not.

Below are four home trends that are popular right now, both for functional and aesthetic purposes. Be on the lookout for more posts that examine what trends are common in homes right now to find inspiration on how to decorate and outfit your home.

Smart speaker with voice control. Amazon Echo Dot Alexa Voice Service activated recognition system on blue backdrop. Smart home voice control. Smart Home Technology

Amazon has been the leader behind the most recent trends in home smart technology, with the Alexa system allowing pretty much voice-controlled everything. Alexa is a voice-controlled system that lets you make commands to the system. Among the tasks it can fulfill are playing music, dimming lights, creating shopping lists, ordering delivery, finding recipes and much more.

Other popular home tech items right now include smart locks, curved TV screens, security cameras connected to your phone and a pet camera.

Modern kitchen with brown kitchen cabinets, oversized kitchen island with bar stools, granite countertops, huge refrigerator and beige backsplash. Northwest, USA Kitchens With More Color.

On the interior design side of things, more colorful kitchens are becoming popular in 2018. This doesn’t mean kitchens that resemble a rainbow, but rather an increase in the number of kitchens that ditch white coloring for neutral hues like grey and blue.

Interior Designer Nina Magon said to see color choices that provide a contract from more modern home trends.

“Expect to see bolder color choices that range from natural neutrals to charcoal to sage providing a more chic and sophisticated alternative to modern homes,” she said.

Sunny and bright this modern living room has views out over the garden. Rich, Warm Colors.

Expect warmer, richer colors in family rooms this year, many interior designers say. Jennifer Ott, an interior designer and contributor for Houzz, says that warm and earthy colors are becoming more common to provide a “sumptuous” look.

“I’m seeing a move toward warm grays and rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco and brown blacks,” she said.

Colorful children room with white walls and furniture. Rainbow carpet at home interior with a window A Colorful Pop.

An abandonment from white seems to be a continuing theme this year, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Adding a nice color surprise to a room in your home is something that seems to be popping up more and more.

Designers suggest using one or two main colors to build around, such as colorful bedspreads and neutral-colored walls, and accenting it with different colored cushions, rugs and furniture. For more insight into continuing trends in homes this year, stay tuned to Eagle Construction & Remodeling’s blog for upcoming posts.

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