Have you ever peered into your outdated bathroom, let out a sigh, and just closed the door? A bathroom remodel takes time, energy, planning, and a budget, so the easy thing to do is not get one.

However, bathroom upgrades can be fun, especially when you incorporate some new style ideas. Trust us, these trendy bath designs will inspire you to finally undergo the bathroom remodel you’ve been needing.


Redoing your bathroom means that you not only improve its appearance but also improve its functionality. If your family has grown or even downsized since your last bathroom remodel, then it’s time to make it practical for your current and future needs. Working with experienced contractors allows you to utilize your space and incorporate features that make your bathroom fit your hectic lifestyle.


Everything evolves, including shower heads! A rain shower is designed to be super soothing, making it the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Rain showers are very large, so you can fit your entire body underneath one. They typically come with flexible necks, adjustable arms, and a movable shower face so you can adjust the angle easily. We just warn you that once you choose a rain shower, you’ll never be satisfied with any other showerhead again!


A complete bathroom remodel includes a beautiful bathtub for relaxing in. But say goodbye to the bathtub-shower combination and say hello to free-standing tubs. These bathtubs give you more flexibility when it comes to finding the perfect spot to place them, and their round shape furnishes your bathrooms with a modern touch. Plus, free-standing tubs come in different shapes, styles, and designs, so you can pick the one that best fits your new bathroom.


Vessel sinks are the new black. They’re super stylish and give any bathroom a classier look. While they are the direct descendants of the washbasin, also known as the earliest sink known to man, they still give off a chic modern vibe. Plus, vessel sinks are easy to install, are made in various shapes and styles, and are easy to change and swap out. You could have a few different vessel sinks that you interchange from time to time, keeping your bathroom feeling fresh and new!


Lighting improves the ambiance of your bathroom, which goes a long way. Improving your lighting can make you feel more confident as you brush on your makeup, while accent lights transform your bathrooms into a more peaceful place for when you’re relaxing in your free-standing tub. If your bathroom allows it, add a window. This will let some natural light flow in, which is the best lighting you can get!


Remodeling can be a pain, but not when you choose the right contractors! The master craftsmen at Eagle Construction are ready to take over your bathroom and give you what you’ve been dreaming of!

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