Fireplaces have been a popular feature in homes for hundreds of years. Originally essential for heating and cooking, fireplaces were once a staple addition whenever a new residence was built. But, now that most families today use them simply for comfort and aesthetic value, there are not as many homes being built with fireplaces in them.

Even though many homes are no longer built with fireplaces, this doesn’t detract from their popularity or appeal. They add a unique feel to a room that, depending on the style and materials used, can be elegant, rustic, modern, or luxurious.

If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, should you add one? Is it even possible? There are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Fireplace Costs

Cost is often the determining factor for many homeowners when deciding whether or not to complete a home remodel, and adding a fireplace is no different. Fireplaces require extensive working, including cutting through an exterior wall and building a chimney. The end cost can vary, but in most cases, homeowners can expect to pay several thousand dollars to complete a project.

For many, this cost is worth it in the end, and will likely pay off financially as well. A beautiful, professional fireplace with often make the home more appealing when it eventually comes time to sell.

Fireplace Location

Before deciding on adding a new fireplace, it’s important to determine where the new feature will go. Putting the fireplace at the center of the home will help the heat to spread, warming the home. Living rooms and dens are the typical choice, so look for an area where the fire can provide the most heat and the most social enjoyment.


If you want to have a successful addition put on your home, it’s important to go with a trusted, well-reputed, and reviewed contractor. Do your research ahead of time; it’s important to see pictures of the contractor’s previous works. Before contacting any contractors, it’s also important to make sure that you can secure all necessary permits. In the end, this is step one to a successful addition.

Fireplaces can add a lot to a home’s atmosphere and appearance. Adding one can be an expensive, though fulfilling process, as long as you plan thoroughly and carefully.

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