One issue that many homeowners face is deciding on what type of flooring they want. With advances in transportation, technology, and design, the amount of options is virtually limitless.

Two of the biggest contenders for flooring are hardwood and carpet. Many homes feature both types of flooring, but what if you are stuck with a room that could work well with either choice? Below are a few considerations to take before making your decision.


Cost is often one of the most important limiting factors when deciding on a type or variety of flooring. When it comes to carpet and hardwood specifically, carpet takes the edge here. Carpet is both cheaper to buy as well as to install.

It is important to note, however, that high-quality hardwood flooring can still be had for an affordable price, and it often retains its value better than carpeting, as long as it is properly taken care of.


Pets can be another deciding factor when it comes to choosing a flooring. If you have pets, particularly if they are very young or very old, it may be the wiser decision to go with hardwood flooring. Carpet can be completely ruined by a pet, whether through tearing, chewing, or by accidents. Once something like that happens, the entire carpet may have to go.


On the other hand, carpet may be the right choice if you plan to have furniture in the room. Hardwood floors are very susceptible to scratching. This can be mitigated by putting down a rug or using a protector under the furniture’s legs. Regardless, scratching is not a concern with carpet.

There are also plenty of products that can be attached to the feet or sharp edges of furniture that will protect your floor from scratches. With these products and a little care when it comes to moving, scratching is less of a concern.

Overall, choosing between carpet and hardwood should come down to the wants and needs of the homeowner. With careful planning, homeowners can prevent damage to either flooring. Both options can really bring a room together and add significant character to the space.

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