When building or buying a log home, you are making a huge commitment, whether you realize it or not. Log homes are very beautiful and enticing, but after a while, you might get an itch for a some change. When your home is made of wood, your creativity and ability to make little changes may seem limited.

But don’t worry; and there are ways to spruce up your log home and add some color aside from the different shades of wood.

Adding Sheetrock, blues, and shiplap, along with playing with the landscaping of your home, can refresh and improve the look of your home while still sticking to it’s wooden roots. Let’s further explore these ways to update and modernize your log home!


A great way to bring in some color is to replace tongue and groove walls with Sheetrock.

Replacing a few walls allows you to have a color that you can easily change, but also still have some of that wood that you originally fell in love with, it’s the best of both worlds and can create a very contemporary look in your living space.

Blues & Cooler Hues

Pull out your color wheels! Tying in blues and cooler hues is the perfect way to offset the warmth of the wood, while still complimenting the logs.

Consider painting one of those Sheetrock walls a cool green and adding in a soft blue throw blanket, and a turquoise vase with white flowers, and use similar colors throughout decorative pieces to rejuvenate your living room. These complimentary colors will make your home feel warm, cozy, and calming.

Shiplap Looks

Channel your inner fixer-upper and paint wood walls white to create a shiplap look. Sand, prime, and paint your way to a rustic and modern look for any room. A great way to mix the old and the new with your white walls is to keep the wood ceiling.

Shiplap is a type of wooden board often used to construct outdoor buildings or used as siding and is typically white. When used on the interior of the house, the shiplap look gives some soft texture and brightens your whole room. White is a very modern-looking color and will allow you to be flexible with accent colors and decorative pieces. The wood ceiling keeps the rustic vibe and beauty of a log home.


If you like your log home just the way it is on the interior, the exterior is your ideal canvas! Landscaping provides a fun way to spruce up the overall look of your house. Take your home from a cabin in the woods to a garden cottage with flower beds, gardens, small ponds, and stone. Beautiful landscape gives your home a color boost and can change the overall attractiveness of your home.

With these small projects, you don’t have to choose between modern and rustic, and you can have both! Best of all, these tips are not permanent. They allow you to scratch that itch and change things up every once in a while.

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