One of the coziest home designs is that of the rustic cabin. Cabins are of a historic design, one that still sees ample use today. The interior of a cabin can be very appealing; wood beams and natural construction are easy on the eye. Cabins speak of relaxation and time in nature, and this is why they are often a vacation destination.

Cabins are often appreciated for their simplistic beauty, ruggedness, or efficiency. Whatever the reason, many people enjoy spending time in cabins. What do you do if you want to live in one, but can’t? Style your home to look or feel like a simple cabin.

Keep It Natural

This is the simplest, yet most integral, part to mastering the cabin look. By nature, cabins are built with little more than wood and rock. In your home, when trying to emanate a cabin, look to add more wood. Wooden accent walls, naturally-colored wooden trims, and wooden furnishings are all a great start.

Looking to take it a step further? Fireplaces are a great addition to the home. Adding one made of stone (or redesigning your current fireplace) is another option to add a cabin feel with natural materials.

Emphasize The Outdoors

One of a cabin’s greatest appeals is the fact that they are often located in the woods. Not in the woods? Consider showing off what outdoor space you do have. A screened-in porch is one way to accomplish this. Adding larger windows is another; you want the outdoors visible from the interior of your newly-styled home.

Break It Up

In a cabin, where the floors, walls, trim, and furnishings are all wood, adding some features to break up the flow is important. Rugs, throws, paintings, and ornaments are all good options to accomplish this. You can still keep with the cabin style here; try to find traditional pieces that resemble what you would find in a cabin.

Living in a cabin can be a wonderful experience, but so can bringing a cabin’s style into your existing home.

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