In the past, we’ve looked at popular ways to use a finished basement. These included ideas for home theaters, guest rooms, and office space to create a functional, enjoyable basement. Those ideas some of the most frequent — and beloved — uses for finished basements, but it’s time to look outside-of-the-box at some other ideas we may not have touched on in other posts.

Without further delay, here are seven uses for remodeled basement space that you may not have thought of when considering your basement remodel project.

A Home Spa

Picture this: You stroll down your soft, carpeted basement steps after a long to at work only to be welcomed by your very own home spa. Tile flooring, wood accents, a home jacuzzi, subtle lighting, an elegant bathroom, and the right decor is all you need to turn your basement into the ultimate relaxation space.

A Music Room

If you’re a musician, what better way to use your basement than as a place to create and appreciate music? You can decorate the space with vintage concert posters, album covers, and your favorite memorabilia while also reserving space for your instruments. Add storage for your guitars, drums, and amplifiers, or add a stage to keep them ready for a performance at all times!

A Laundry Room

This might not seem unique, but space for laundry equipment often gets forgotten about with all the talk of theaters, guest rooms and the like. Creating a dedicated space for the washer and dryer can be a great use of the basement, especially when you factor in space for cleaning supplies, detergents and drying racks. Adding a line or rack can be a great addition, as it offers the perfect space for letting delicates air dry.

A Craft Room

For the crafty folks out there, there’s no better way to use the room down under than turning it into a place dedicated for crafts. From textiles and sewing to pottery and jewelry, basements are the perfect location for all your crafty hobbies, no matter what they are.

A Home Museum

Are you a collector? Then make your basement a museum! It doesn’t matter what you collect — model trains, sports memorabilia, coins, stamps, action figures, Pez dispensers, license plates, guitars, paintings, dish-ware, trading cards, buttons, calendars, magazines, rocks, seashells, photographs — you name it! If you collect it, basements provide a great place to show your collectibles off to the world.

A Fitness Room

If you’ve always dreamed of a home gym, a finished basement can help make it happen. Dedicate some space to gym equipment like weights, a treadmill or and elliptical to begin crafting the home gym you desire. Not only will you have a functional room, but it will help keep you healthy and in shape!

A Wine Cellar

Many wine cellars are found in older homes, but that doesn’t mean you can build one in yours! Basements are great for storing your favorite wines. You can draw inspiration from classic wine cellars or implement more modern features — the choice is yours!

The beauty of basements is their versatility. They can be designed and structured to fit any purpose with the help of an experienced basement contractor. For help bringing your basement ideas to fruition, contact the basement remodeling team at Eagle Construction & Remodeling here.

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