Mudrooms are one of the most important features in many homes, particularly in one with a lot of foot traffic. So, what exactly is a mudroom? It’s a secondary entrance where homeowners can store all of their shoes, coats, etc., without tracking debris through the home. Many homes have them, but a lot of others don’t.

Mudrooms help keep the rest of the home clean, with all of the dirt and “mud” being confined to a singular room. Looking to add one? Looking to spruce up your current mudroom? Below are a few options to make sure you get the most out of this important space.

Start From the Bottom

When it comes to a mudroom, the base is what’s most important. Tile is likely the best choice for this integral room. Easy to clean, tile is durable and will endure whatever you throw its way. Cleaning will be less of a hassle with tile than with other flooring options.

A Place to Sit

This may not be at the top of your list for a mudroom, but it is no less important. A stool or small bench is a great choice for a mudroom. It offers a place to sit when putting shoes on or off. Additionally, it is good for an impromptu counter if you need to set something down on your way in or out.


Storage space is necessary for a successful mudroom; there needs to be space to store shoes, boots, and jackets. Simple cabinets or racks will work here — efficiency is what’s most important in this situation.

Mudrooms are great spaces and can be very useful in most homes. In addition to what’s listed above, many mudrooms also include sinks, washers, and dryers. To make the most out of a mudroom, gear it towards your own needs, and you’ll be happy to have one.

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