Ask any homeowner what their favorite kitchen features are, and a kitchen island is bound to land in the top three. That’s because islands provide a wealth of benefits to those who make great use of their kitchen and even to those who don’t.

Kitchen islands are practical, gorgeous additions to any home that aid in cooking, entertaining, and even selling your home. If you’re on the fence about adding a kitchen island, you really shouldn’t be, as they can provide a number of benefits to your kitchen, four of which we will look at below.

They Provide Added Prep Space

One of the most beneficial aspects of kitchen islands is the additional space for prep and cooking that they add to a kitchen. Instead of having to make room on narrow countertops, islands allow you to spread out everything before you, giving you the space you need to be efficient in the kitchen.

Islands Also Provide Added Storage

With added space comes added opportunities for storage. Nearly every kitchen island in existence features cabinets, drawers, and/or cubbies that provide extra storage space. If you’re stuck on where to store your appliances, dishware or utensils, a kitchen island could be the solution to your storage woes, as islands provide an abundance of storage space — along with the extra surface area for food prep.

Islands Can Boost A Home’s Resale Value

Kitchens are a major focal point for prospective home buyers. They can make or break your asking price, with remodeled kitchens tending to earn homes higher offers. If your remodel your kitchen and add an island into the mix, it will help your ability to get the asking price you’re looking for.

They’re A Natural Gathering Space

From a social perspective, islands are great for bringing groups of people together. They serve as a natural gathering space for nearly any dynamic, whether it’s a family eating breakfast in the morning or when used as a space for serving snacks during parties and get-togethers. Kitchen islands quickly become a focal point of the kitchen, allowing people to enjoy the space much more easily.

Kitchen islands are a great addition to any home thanks to their versatility and ability to create a practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. To install a kitchen island during your home remodeling project, contact the experts at Eagle Construction & Remodeling for a stunning kitchen remodel you’ll never forget.

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