Out of all the home decorating options that exist, one that likely will not — and should not — ever go away is indoor plants. Houseplants are popular decorating options, and rightfully so. They inject life into a home, even those that are tastefully decorated, but their benefits expand far beyond aesthetic purposes.

In this post we’ll look at the benefits of houseplants and how placing them throughout your home can be a real asset to your house and your quality of life.

Plants Are Great For Your Mental Health

Adding houseplants in your home can give your mental health a boost, according to multiple studies. A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that even pictures of plants and nature can boost mental health. Additionally, flowers have also been linked to lower levels of anxiety, further adding to the mental health benefits of having plants around.

Plants Can Help With Sleep

Some species of plants can aid in sleep. When plant shopping, look for types of plants that emit oxygen at night, like orchids, snake plants, and aloe vera. Plants like lavender and gardenia reduce anxiety and produce a calming effect, making them a well-suited option to aid in relaxation.

Plants Can Easily Spruce Up A Room

Do you have a room that needs a little visual boost? Consider using plants as an accent on tables, floors, or other surfaces. A nice plant can do a lot to improve the visual aesthetic of a room. What’s even better is that they’re much cheaper than many other types of decor, giving you an affordable, beautiful option.

Plants Improve Air Quality

Is there a better benefit to houseplants than cleaner, fresher air? Houseplants collect indoor pollutants and create oxygen, aiding in respiration and freshening up the air in your home. Peace lilies, bamboo palms, and spider plants remove various chemicals and pollutants from the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide, making them a great addition to any home.

Plants Can Make You More Productive

Do you plan on remodeling a room into a home office or have an existing one? Plants are a perfect way to decorate it while also boosting productivity. Similar to spending time in nature, being near plants improves concentration and productivity, according to Texas A&M University, making them a perfect addition to your home office or favorite workspace.

When searching for decorative options for your new or remodeled home, consider houseplants as you plan out what decor would work best to get the best return on investment with your home decor.

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