According to the National Association of Home Builders, the kitchen is considered the most popular room in the entire house to remodel. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s easily the centerpiece of any modern home, where friends and family gather around to eat, cook, entertain, and celebrate, and as such, making it a warm and inviting environment is essential. But the bathroom, which came in at a very close second, is quickly becoming a greater remodeling priority for many homeowners. Sure, it may not the most glamorous room in the house, but it’s an investment that will definitely make an impact in more ways than one. Here are five reasons why you should consider remodeling your bathroom before your kitchen.

It’s Cheaper and Faster

Since bathrooms are typically smaller than the average kitchen, it can cost less time and money to achieve a full-scale remodel. On average, an average mid-range bathroom remodel costs between $17,000 – $18,000; using the same data, a remodel for a kitchen around the same size can start around $19,000 and end up costing around twice as much not including additions. Making over a bathroom is also a much speedier remodeling process; at best, a bathroom remodel takes anywhere between 18-23 days till completion, which for kitchens a month is considered a “best case scenario,” with two to six months being a more realistic time frame.

It Creates A Luxurious Environment

We spend so much time every day in our bathroom performing the most mundane tasks – washing our face, brushing our teeth, or speeding through our morning shave – that we easily forget that it should be a pleasurable space, a personal escape where we can retreat and unwind after a busy day. A bathroom remodel is a great chance to transform your old, grimy, or outdated bathroom into a relaxing spa personally customized to your tastes without all the extra costs. The perfect lighting and color scheme can already go a long way in improving the space; why not take it a step farther and install some modern luxuries that will enhance the entire experience? How about a heated toilet seat? A waterfall shower? A Jacuzzi-style hot tub with a flat screen TV hung up nearby? The possibilities are endless.

It Fixes Much Needed Issues

Are your shower or sink faucets always leaking? Tiles broken or cracked? Cabinets falling into pieces? Toilet perpetually clogged? Remodeling your bathroom is a great opportunity for fixing up any unattractive or unsafe features, or solving problems that can affect additional areas in your home Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is a fertile breeding ground for germs, and issues with leaking water can result in unwanted mold growing in your home; a full makeover can not only update the area, but help make it a more sanitary – and hence – relaxing space for every member in the family.

It’s Energy Efficient

Did you know that in the average home, the toilet and shower combined account for approximately 50% of all daily water usage? Energy efficiency is a growing trend in home remodeling, and “going green” can make a huge impact when applied to designing a brand new bathroom. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has estimated that if one in every ten households upgraded their bathrooms with energy efficient appliances and fixtures, they would save over 70 billion gallons of water and $1.5 billion in energy costs. Give your bathroom a green makeover by installing low-flow toilets, water-saving showerheads and faucets, or even just some LED light bulbs. Not only will you be helping to protect the planet, but you’ll be saving money on monthly water and heating bills in the long run.

It Increases Property Value

Finally, perhaps the greatest benefit towards remodeling your bathroom is that it may actually help increase the resale value of your home. Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most valuable home renovation for potential home buyers; a bathroom that’s nicely furnished, appealing, and modern is frequently a priority – and in many cases, a selling point – for house hunters. With a simple remodeling, you can significantly increase your home’s value by at least $2,000-$3,000. Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report estimated that bathroom remodels recoup anywhere between 54-65% of their value, and that homeowners get back an average of 71 cents from every dollar they spend on the project. This also means if you plan on selling your home at some point in the future, you’ll recoup a higher return on your overall investment.

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