It’s a wonder that mudrooms aren’t required rooms in every home. What is a mudroom, you might be wondering? It’s essentially a small entryway or room that’s designed to serve as a space to remove shoes, jackets, and other outerwear before entering a home.

Not only are these rooms functional and extremely useful, but they look really nice upon entering a home, as well. If you plan on remodeling or building a new home, you might want to consider adding a mudroom to your secondary entrance to help keep your home clean and tidy from outdoor debris.

There are a few common traits that many mudrooms share to create a space that is perfect for shedding your outer layers and footwear before coming back inside.

Easy-To-Clean Floors

It’s called a mudroom for a reason — it provides a designated space for tracking mud, moisture, leaves, and the like into a home. Because of its purpose, it’s highly recommended that your mudroom has easy-to-clean floors that are moisture-resistant. Think of materials like stone, tile, and linoleum, the latter of which is very affordable and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.


Benches give the mudroom a unique look while also providing a space to take off shoes. Built-in benches are the best way to go, as they give a room a sense of purpose while also providing a place to sit or even store shoes. Consider custom woodwork for a built-in bench that will be durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Storage Solutions

Mudrooms aren’t mudrooms without the right amount of storage. Many people choose cabinetry, cubbies, open shelving, and drawers to their belongings, but your mudroom is up to you! Whatever you think would work best to shoes, coats, and other outwear will help make your entryway unique.

Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are essential to a quality mudroom. You need a place to store your jackets upon entering the home, and coat hooks make it much easier than stuffing them into a closet and having to dig them back out again.

Building a mudroom will provide a unique addition to your home that is as functional as it is attractive. You can even double it as a laundry room, providing an all-in-one place for dirty clothes and shoes while still adding a sense of character in the process.

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