In an effort to bring laundry rooms back into the home from basements, garages, and other rooms that seem to be separated from daily life, laundry rooms are taking on multiple uses. Some double as mudrooms, office space, and closets, while other laundry stations are hidden in everyday rooms like the kitchen or living room.

But regardless of where you choose to locate your laundry room, there are a few staples that every laundry room should have to make for a complete and convenient laundry experience. These range from fixtures and furniture to an array of accessories that will help transform your laundry room from a space with just a washer and a dryer to a room custom-built for cleaning clothes and keeping your home tidy.

Hanging Racks

Instead of stringing a wire or line across part of your home, ask your contractor to install hanging racks along part of a wall, particularly in cubbies or areas perfect for storage. Racks are useful for hanging delicates and other items that can be put through the dryer so they don’t have to be scattered across your home hanging on door knobs, chairs, and exposed hinges.

Pull Out Ironing Boards Or Retractable Ironing Boards

No more having to lug an ironing board in and out of a closet or trying to sneak it into a crevice between a shelf and a walk. A retractable ironing board allows you to keep your ironing board attached to the wall or door, so all you have to do is pull it down when you’re ready to use it. When you’re done ironing, just fold it back up for easy, concealed storage!


Storage in laundry rooms is a must-have, allowing you to stash away detergent, cleaning supplies, dryer sheets, towels, that retractable ironing board, and any other items that may aid in your laundry-doing. Consider placing a countertop on top of the cabinets for surface space that can aid in folding your laundry. Low on space? Custom cabinetry can do the trick, as it can be fitted to any unique room in your home.

Utility Sink

How many times have you wished you had a sink nearby your washer and dryer? Maybe you spilled some detergent or need a stain that could be removed with some nearby running water. That’s where a utility sink can help.

Task Lighting

Windows and natural light work great for laundry rooms, but even with a large influx of natural light, some task lighting may be needed. Under cabinet lighting works great for laundry rooms, helping to illuminate surfaces where folding and cleaning take place. Depending on the decor, sconces could also work.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great asset to have in your laundry room. These shelves don’t limit what you can store on them, allowing everything from freshly folded clothes and towels to detergents and cleaning supplies of all shapes and sizes. Open shelving can be used in conjunction with a hanging rack to store items on top of it, or it can be used on its own to provide a simple storage solution.

Investing in a laundry room, no matter what size will add convenience and an aesthetic touch to your home. Having a designated area for laundry that isn’t an afterthought will also add to your peace of mind, offering a central location to take care of laundry and cleaning.

Just don’t forget the washer and dryer.

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