Attics are often used for storage, but once placed into the hands of an experienced remodeling team, they can be transformed into the perfect bonus room. Remodeled attics can be similar to basements but without the cost of waterproofing or fixing up moisture issues.

So, what should you do with your empty (or stuffed) attic? That depends on what you want for your home! Do you need a little extra workspace? What about an extra bedroom for guests or your growing family? Attics provide space for nearly any use, with some individuality that the rest of the rooms in your home just won’t be able to match.

Make It A Media Room

Attics offer a great space to create a room perfect for movie-watching, show-streaming, and entertainment. Whether you’d like a traditional home theater or a media room designed to your own wishes, attics offer a perfect place to put one.

Turn It Into A Bedroom

In terms of structure, there may not be a cozier room than the attic. They often have lowered ceilings and odd shapes, making them perfect for a cozy little bedroom or guest room. Many homeowners often sneak two small beds in or add a sofa along with a bed for a comfortable living space.

Turn It Into A Cozy Office

Remodeled attics create a sense of coziness. Period. But if you’re not looking to make it into a regular living space, try turning yours into a cozy home office. Adding a small desk, a chair, and some other relaxing furniture can make your attic perfect for writing, working, and reading.

A High-Up Man Cave

If you’ve always wanted a man cave, why not put it at the top of the house? With your man cave up above, you’ll have a place you can escape to that’s personalized to your own wishes. Make it the perfect place for your weekend football games with team-inspired decor and memorabilia, or have a bar built and fill it with your favorite beverages so you never have to leave, no matter how you spend your time in it.

An Extra Bath

What household wouldn’t benefit from an extra bath? Remodeling your attic can help give you the extra half or full bath you need while also giving you a space to escape to for a hot shower or home spa treatment.

Attics might often get forgotten about, but once you remodel yours and turn it into the ultimate bonus room for you and your family, you won’t forget about it ever again, as it will become one of your favorite parts of the home.

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