In today’s world, we have convenience in the palm of our hands, literally, thanks to smart home technology. We can contact anyone we’d like instantaneously and get the information we’re looking for with just a few clicks. This technology has made its way into our homes, as well, as we search for ways to make our lives easier and get housework done in alternate ways.

We live in the age of the smart home. Smart home technology comes in many forms, including phone-operated systems, voice-controlled systems, and other tasks that are prompted by sensors. If you aren’t quite sold on voice-controlled technology, but you want to start dabbling in smart home technology, here are eight things you can do right from your smartphone, no voice required.

Turn On The Lights

Gone are the days of when clapping was the latest technology to control lighting because now we can do it from our phones and our voices with more ease than ever. If you’ve settled into bed for the night, or it’s too dark to safely make your way to the light switch, you can do it right from the app on your phone! With smart lights like Philips’ Hue Smart Light Bulbs or the C By GE SOL smart lamp, these devices make worrying about turning lights off and on a thing of the past.

Lock Your Door

How many times have you left your home only to wonder and worry about whether you locked the door on your way out? Fortunately, advances in technology put this problem to rest, as many smart locks are on the market, letting your lock and unlock your home’s doors from your phone. The August Smart Lock Pro and the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Smart Lock are popular choices for smart home security.

Turn Off Outlets

At some point, you’ve had to come back home to unplug something that could be dangerous to your home like a space heater of a curling iron. With smart plugs, you can cut off the power of the appliances by turning off these savvy plugs. TP-Link makes a Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, as does Belkin, which makes the Belkin Wemo Switch Smart Plug.

Adjust Your Thermostat

For added convenience, you can adjust the temperature of your home thanks to smart thermostats like the Ecobee4 and the Nest Learning Thermostat. These thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature through app and voice, while also offering some additional services.

See Who’s At The Door

One of the greatest benefits of the smart home technology boom is the safety that devices can add to your home. Installing a smart doorbell camera can let you see who’s at the door without having to walk up to the door, yourself. Depending on what type you buy, you can even communicate remotely with whoever is at your door. The August Doorbell Cam Pro is worth checking out.

Give Your Pet A Treat

For the animals lovers out there, what better invention is there than one that lets you see your pet and give them a treat while you’re away? Devices like the Petzi Treat Cam let you speak to your pet while you’re away and even give them a well-deserved treat! The PetChatz HD Wi-Fi Two-Way Audio & Video camera even lets your pet see you as you speak to them and give them treats.

Even if you’re not so sure about the role technology is playing in our homes, there’s something for everyone to find and love for their home that will have them wondering how they could have ever lived without it.

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