Summer months are getting hotter and hotter each year, which means that having a well-functioning air conditioning unit is essential to making it through the summer in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Even if your air conditioner works, there’s a high chance that it may not be working as well as it should be. To prevent this from happening and ensure that your home is getting the coolest air possible, there are steps you can take each year to prepare your AC for the impending heat so your home will stay cool and refreshing.

Clean The Condenser Unit

The condenser is the outdoor unit that takes in hot air and condenses it into a liquid, a crucial process in cooling your home. Because this unit is outside, it can collect dirt, leaves, sticks, and other debris. Clearing away these materials, as well as any vegetation growing against it, will improve the condenser unit’s efficiency and performance.

Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter

Air filters should be replaced regularly to improve the efficiency and airflow of your air conditioner, as they can collect dust. Optimally, air filters should be replaced every three months or so or at a rate recommended by your air conditioner’s manufacturer. Replacing them before the summer months is an absolutely definite to improve the performance of your air conditioner.

Make Sure All Your Vents Are Open

Keeping vents closed doesn’t do your cooling efforts any favors, and it also can inhibit the performance of your air conditioner. Every system is designed to accommodate a specific pressure range, and closed vents limit this and negatively affect the performance of your air conditioner.

Test Your AC

Your air conditioning system should be tested every year before it gets too warm. It’s important to address the above steps first so you’ll get a true sense of how your AC system is operating. If something still isn’t working, you may have faulty equipment.

Update Equipment If Necessary

Any outdated home appliance can cost your unnecessary money, and air conditioning components are no exception. If you have old or outdated air conditioning equipment, they should be replaced as soon as possible to reduce energy costs and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. This will not only help you save money when you get your energy bill, but you will feel the effects, as well.

By following these steps each year, you’ll be making the necessary arrangements to get your AC ready so you can have a summer with crisp, cool air inside your home.

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