As time goes by, the materials used in home construction change. Homes features different adhesives, drywall, insulation, heating, and cooling. One thing has remained constant: wood. Regardless of when your home was built, chances are there’s at least some wood in the structure of your home.

However, many houses feature little more than the basics. Many modern suburban homes come with less wood then they used to. Synthetic products are also becoming more popular.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, adding some high-quality wood into your home can be a great benefit. Not only does wood look great, it also adds value to the home.

What wood should you add in your home? The list below may get you started.


Trim is still a very necessary and visually appealing part of the home. In some cases, your home may not have sufficient trim. In others, it may be lacking in quality. Regardless, adding new hardwood trim can be very rewarding. Try to play off of the color of the walls when picking the wood type and finish of the trim.


A hardwood floor is a beautiful thing when it is properly finished. Adding a hardwood floor can be a massive project, and it is best to seek a professional for such a job. An oak or walnut floor will certainly add value to your home. Coupled with a stylish rug, your home will receive a visual boost.


Likely the biggest investment on the list, cabinets are an important part of any kitchen. Older cabinets and those made of synthetic material could be replaced with newer, high-quality wooden cabinets. It’s important to note that new cabinets will increase your home value, but they are very costly.

Wood is still a very important part of most homes. Adding a little more wood, as well as updating your current features, can really boost your home’s appearance.

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