A common saying in the culinary industry is that “you eat with your eyes first.” These wise words help new chefs and cooks remember that a successful dish doesn’t just rely on taste; it also needs a superior appearance in order to succeed.

The same rule applies to your home. When you bring someone to your home, their first opinions are drawn by how the exterior of your home appears. If you are looking to impress, it’s important to ensure that the exterior receives the attention it needs.

Whether you are planning to sell, looking to boost the home’s value, or just want to increase your home’s appeal for you and your family, updating your exterior is a valuable investment.

A Fresh Coat

Slapping a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior won’t solve all of your external problems, but it will absolutely add to the appeal of your home. Over time, as the building is exposed to inclement weather and bright sunlight, its paint will fade and chip. Not only is fresh paint appealing, it also helps protect your home from these elements.

Add Some Greens

Another easy way to build up your home’s exterior appeal is to add some plants to the front of your property. Many homeowners choose to plant trees, shrubs, or flower gardens. However, another way to achieve a high appeal-level is to improve your lawn’s appearance. This can be achieved by complete replanting, or manually removing weeds.

Update Your Roof

One of the most important parts of the home is the roof. It protects both the occupants and structure of the home from a wide variety of weather conditions. However, roofs eventually need replacing. You can choose a style and color of roof that plays well with the rest of the home in order to exponentially increase exterior appeal.

A New Walkway

If you are looking for something a little different in the front yard, consider adding a walkway or path. These look especially nice interweaving between gardens or other plants. They don’t need to be expensive either; a brick path will not only look great, it won’t break the bank.

To make a great first impression, an appealing exterior is important, and also achievable.

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