Just as any employer would interview a prospective job candidate, you’ll need to do the same before you employ a contractor to build or remodel your home. Vetting a prospective construction company is crucial to understanding the type of service you will receive and is a major indicator of how satisfied you will be upon the project’s completion.

To properly understand what kind of service you will be getting from a prospective contractor, it is necessary to ask them a series of questions to gain an understanding about the company. Below is a basic guide of 10 important questions you should ask prospective builders, and is in no means a comprehensive list of questions, as your own personal interests will also help to guide you in your quest to build the perfect home, addition or remodel.

Do You Have A Contracting License For Where I Want To Build?

Different municipalities and government entities require varying certifications and license to conduct work in an area. Making sure that your prospective contractor is following all guidelines is essential to ensuring that your project is completely legally and properly.

This Is My Budget _______, Can You Build _______ For That Amount?

Getting a sense of what a project will cost is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a contractor. Estimates that are too cheap will likely spell low-quality work, but you also don’t want to get ripped off by sky-high prices. Find a price that is in the middle that also fits your budget is the best bet in finding a quality contracting that brings you a good return on investment, and ultimately, makes you satisfied with your home.

Can You Provide References From Recent Customers Or Occupants?

We’ve all trusted reviews for one product or another. Both good reviews and bad reviews affect our decisions, making it all the more important that you hire a contractor who has a track record of leaving their customers satisfied. Ask your prospective builder for references so you can get a full understanding of how their past projects have turned out.

What Is The Expected Timeline For This Project?

Discussing estimated timelines is important for both you and your contractor so you both can get on the same page. You’ll likely have a date you would like to move in by or have the project completed by, but your contractor will be able to give you a realistic time frame so there is no lapse in communication between either party.

Do You Have A Certificate Of Insurance? Can I See It?

Seeing that and how contractors are insured are of equal importance. You’ll want to make sure whatever builder you hire is not just insured but properly insured, as they should have both liability insurance and workers’ compensation for all construction and remodeling projects.

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

Asking a prospective builder about their strengths and weaknesses can help to tailor their services to the needs of your project. Asking this question can also weed out contractors that aren’t suitable for your wants and needs for your home, so you won’t want to skip over this question.

What Kind Of Warranty Do You Offer?

Asking about warranties or guarantees can provide clarification for what you can expect for a project. By getting this information from builders, you will be able to compare and contrast offers from different companies so you can make the most educated decision for your home.

Will You Immediately Let Me Know Of Any Cost Increases?

Just like your budget discussion, keeping an open line of communication about potential cost increases is pivotal. By asking this question, you’ll know what to expect in the event that there are unexpected cost increases, which can help to build trust with your contractor.

How Will You Communicate Construction Updates With Me?

Communication is key in every relationship, both personal and professional. Choosing a contractor who can openly communicate all aspects of a project with you will be what saves you from unnecessary headaches. This may be the most most important question on the list, so pay close attention to communication with each prospective contractor.

How Do You Resolve Conflicts?

Conflicts can arise between employees, subcontractors, material suppliers and even between the homeowner and the contractor. By asking your prospective builder what to expect, you can gauge how they handle conflict, and it their method of communication and conflict resolution is right for you.

When searching for prospective contractors to complete projects related to your home, these 10 questions will help you gain a better sense of each builder. You’ll want to know each candidate inside and out before employing their services, so be sure to ask whatever other questions come to mind as you search for the perfect contractor for your needs. If you’re unsure of what else to ask prospective contractors, reach out to us through our contact page and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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