Throughout the year, you may notice fluctuations in your energy bill. Sometimes its reasonable, while other times it may leave you tongue-tied. The reason for this fluctuation is due namely to an increase in either your heat or AC.

This is unavoidable, right? May can be very temperate, and you might not need any air conditioning, but come the middle of August, and its ninety-five degrees outside, and you’ll probably need to cool off.

The answer is yes, typically this change in price is unavoidable. However, if you consciously outfit your home to be more energy efficient, the rising price may not be as significant.

Insulate your Home

One of the biggest steps in ensuring that you don’t lose out on your energy bill is to make sure your home is properly insulated. If your house is a bit dated, it may be time to update your insulation.
If the cold air of winter is easily able to penetrate the body of your home, you may find yourself ratcheting up the heat. Check the seals around your windows; these can break down due to time and the elements.

Ensure Windows are in Shape

As just mentioned, making sure that your windows are properly sealed can help increase the efficiency of the home. Additionally, older windows can be replaced for higher-quality ones in order to better conserve energy. During the winter, sunlight flooding in can significantly warm a room up.

Use Natural Shade

In the heat of summer, it’s hard to imagine cooling off any other way than with AC. However, if you have large trees that provide shade on your home, you may be able to cut down.
In the shade of these large trees, the temperature is significantly cooler than out in the sun. If you have no shade on your property, your home will always remain toasty in the summer.

You can also keep things cooler in the house with efficient new shutters or blinds.

Switch up the Heat

Another option, though costly, has proven to be effective. Changing your heating and cooling technology can help save you money in the long run. For example, geothermal heating and cooling systems have proved to save homeowners in the long run.

Energy can be expensive, but if you update your home, you may be able to save over time.

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