Homes are very much like pieces of art. In addition to serving as a form of shelter, homes serve as cultural modes of expression that are continuously evolving to display new trends and tendencies in home-buying.

In recent years, both prospective homeowners and remodelers have been looking for new or reimagined ideas for their homes. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular options that are sought after by prospective home buyers and remodelers alike.

Open Floor Plans

A common feature that is emerging across the construction market is the desire for more open spaces and open floor plans. This is attributed to changing wants from prospective homeowners who are seeking maximum usability in their homes.

Laura Kostelny of D Magazine writes that many people looking for new homes are looking for fewer hallways and rooms with few practical uses.

“Even those who choose to stay with more traditional exteriors are going with modern, open concepts on the inside. That means fewer hallways and tiny, wasted rooms. Open floor plans afford more usable space — the kitchen that opens to the den and possibly dining areas,” Kostelny said. “Again, efficiency is key. Homeowners are better understanding that 100 percent of their spaces should be completely usable.”

Green Living

The need for green, sustainable homes appears to be growing, with homeowners seeking houses that make use of natural light, solar energy and save on energy costs.

Contributors from say that energy efficient designs have increased in new homes to make use of natural energy and lower additional energy costs.

“Houses are becoming more energy efficient with more designs incorporating natural light and an influx of additional insulation throughout the home,” they wrote in a post evaluating trends in single-family home construction.

Their analysis predicted that natural light was going to be the number one sought feature of green homes in 2017, with solar energy and passive solar design coming in at second and third, respectively.

Usable Outdoor Space

In addition to maximizing the amount of usable indoor spaces, homeowners are also desirous of usable outdoor spaces, such as porches, gardens, backyards and hardscapes.

Kostelny believes that people are finally beginning to recognize all of the potential uses for backyard spaces in recent years.

“In the quest to make every inch of property useful and liveable, indoor spaces are opening directly to the backyard or to patios with pizza ovens and fire pits,” she writes.

Influencers in’s 2017 survey also viewed usable outdoor spaces as a continuing trend, with porches topping their list of what uses homeowners want to see in their backyards.

The beauty of construction is that trends are continuously evolving year after year, showing how people desire to live both inside and outside of their homes. This evolution often follows societal values and personal goals which homeowners use to custom tailor their home to their exact needs.

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