Are you planning to sell your home soon? Warm weather is steadily approaching, and with this warm weather comes the home buying and selling season. If you want to get your home ready for sale, now is the time to start the planning process.

Late spring is also a great time to remodel your home. The threat of snow has passed, and the blistering heat of summer has yet to arrive. That’s what makes this the opportune time to remodel.

Remodeling, in general, increases the value of your home. Picking the right remodeling projects, however, can prove to be a very strong investment. Remodeling the exterior of your home, the first thing a buyer will see when they check out your home, is very important.

Uncertain on where to start? Check out some useful ideas.

Keep it Green

Perhaps slightly overlooked when making sure your home is on top of its game for sale is your yard. If you live in an area where you have a yard (front or back), it is important to ensure that the yard is in top shape.

Adding some life to your yard, whether that be adding a flowerbed, reseeding your lawn, or having some trees planted, are all good ways to increase your home’s resale value. Visually, your property will become more attractive, providing a positive influence on the buyer.


Over time, driveways fall into disrepair, or begin to fade from their striking fresh-paved color. Resealing your driveway is a smart way to visually attract buyers to your home. Additionally, the sealant will go a long way to protecting the driveway. If the driveway is very dated, or in significantly bad shape, completely repaving it may be a smart investment.

A Fresh Coat

Another great way to increase your home’s value through remodeling (as well as better its physical appearance) is by repainting its exterior. You don’t need to be outlandish here; often just getting your home repainted the same color will work wonders on increasing its appeal.

While many home remodels prior to a sale focus on the interior of the home, the exterior, where buyers make their first impressions, should never be ignored.

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